Educational Technology Services  

At LewisTech we provide high quality technological services, applications, training and support specialised for educational facilities. We also work in business and personally with individuals to provide technology services at a corporate and personal level.

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We specialise in Web, Logo and Stationary design so why not let us create a package especially tailored to your requirements! Now we have a range of Web/Native Apps, the latest advertising tool to enable your website to run on multiple devices such as the iPhone® as well as Computers! We work quickly to get your website up and running. A very competitive price structure means a lower cost than you might expect. All web designs allow for easy expansion as your business grows.

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Client feedback

  •   Been a fantastic asset to us - we are humbled that you were able to make a real difference working on a real-life project.

    - Sparkol Limited

  •   You do a fantastic job at managing our website and all our content. Web design made simple, thank you.

    - Clevedon-FWAC

  •   Thank you for your input coming up with the new designs for our boards, I hope you agree that they convey our brand name very well and stand out far better than our previous boards.

    - Bloxham & Barlow